Shuttle Services from Clare/Digby to HRM, A/P via Annapolis Valley

Come From Away?

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"We also take this opportunity to thank you for your
excellent service and professionalism in accommodating our request for
an off-schedule departure.
We would not hesitate to recommend your service. Again, many thanks."

Welcome to Nova Scotia!

...  enjoy the charm and the uninterrupted beauty that makes Nova Scotia such a great place to be!

Visiting Family or returning from a business or pleasure trip? Welcome home! 

Not so long ago, there was a time when the railroad connected the Yarmouth/Acadian Shores and the Fundy/Annapolis Shores with Halifax, Dartmouth and the Stanfield International Airport. There was also a time when the province boasted bus travel from these shores to the city. And when the airport in Yarmouth no longer provided residents with easy access to the city and the Stanfield International Airport in Enfield, shuttle services were born of necessity. The only connect left to the residents of Clare and the Fundy/Annapolis Shores were the shuttle services provided out of Yarmouth. Belliveau Cove resident, Doug Scharf, saw the need for a local link to the Halifax area and the Mariner Shuttle came to life, providing residents on the southwest shores with an economical and comfortable alternative to existing services. The Mariner Shuttle usually operates 7 days a week; however there may be times when it is necessary to take the shuttle off the road for maintenance.