Shuttle Services from Clare/Digby to HRM, A/P via Annapolis Valley

How Long 'Til We're There?

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Contact us at: 902-586-8302,
toll-free in Canada 1-855-586-6140
or send us an e-mail at OR 

How many times have we all heard that question!?

5 minutes doesn't quite cut it, and travel times are approximate!
Clare to the Airport or City is roughly 3 hours (if your departure point is Saulnierville or west of it, then travel time is slightly longer than 3 hours at about 3 and a half hours Digby is about 2.5 hours, Yarmouth, 4 hours. The drive is leisurely and relaxing with a rest stop in Coldbrook where you can stretch your legs and enjoy a cup of a light snack or lunch.
Be prepared - leave yourself lots of time for that flight or appointment, winter weather, especially those nor'easters, can wreak havoc on travel!
Welcome Aboard! And thanks for choosing the Mariner Shuttle!